Somalia Rainfall Forecast - Issued: 02 October 2020

Rainfall Forecast
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Moderate to heavy rains are foreseen in parts of Puntland and central regions within this week. In particular, Hiraan, Bakool, Galgaduud, Mudug, Nugaal and southern parts of Sool region will receive significant rainfall amounts during the forecast period. The Ethiopian highland will also receive moderate to heavy rains during the same period. Heavy storms are expected between 03 and 05 October in Nugaal, Mudug, Galgaduud and Hiraan regions. This is likely to lead to flash floods the areas. Given the rainfall forecast and current situation along the two rivers, High Risk of flooding remains along the Shabelle while there is no risk of flooding foreseen along the Juba River. There is a also a high risk of flash floods in the built up low lying areas of central regions, Bakool, Nugaal and Sool.
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October, 2020