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SWALIM Participates in ICT4D Conference

The 2016 ICT4D Conference is a global event that has evolved over the past 8 years gathering together a large group of international development professionals who are applying innovations in techno

SWALIM Wins Big!

During the week of 2-6 May, 2016, the SWALIM CTA was in Switzerland to receive the coveted WSIS award as a “Champion” in the category of “e-Agriculture”.  The WSIS prize, organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), recognizes innovative and successful efforts to harness ICTs in development work around the world.

SWALIM CTA Leaves for Prominent New Role in Cairo

It is said that every ending is also a new beginning. In the case of Chief Technical Advisor Hussein Gadain, who will be ending his work at SWALIM to take on a new posting as FAO Representative in Egypt, we expect it will be a bright new beginning for all concerned.

SWALIM Gives Training in Mogadishu on Open-Source GIS, Google Earth and GPS

SWALIM has been working on expanding the capacity of Somali government line ministries and partner agencies on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by conducting an intensive training co

 In focus

The Juba and Shabelle Rivers and Their Importance to Somalia

The Juba and Shabelle rivers are the only perennial rivers in the country, but 90% of their flow originates from a neighbouring country - Ethiopia. The two rivers sustain agricultural production not only by providing much needed irrigation, but also through the very fertile flood plains where a variety of crops are grown for domestic and foreign markets.

El Niño, How SWALIM Supported Early Warning and Preparedness

The El Niño climate phenomenon of 2015 was predicted to be one of the strongest and most destructive in history (see SWALIM Newsletter Update 9 of May-August 2015). In anticipation of the potentially dire effects in Somalia, SWALIM worked hard with development partners and Somali authorities to mount an unprecedented campaign of preparedness.


Middle Shabelle Region Floods Reported observation and Landsat-8 (12 May 2016) image analysis

This dataset was digitized directly from Landsat-8 imagery of 12th May 2016 to show the areal extent of Jowhar flooding. Please note that the flooded area might not be exact due to the cloud cover hindering the interpretation.

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Belet Weyne District Reported Floods observation and Sentinel-2 image analysis (25 May 2016)

This dataset was digitized directly from Sentinel-2 imagery of 25th May 2016 to show the areal extent of Belet Weyne flooding. Sentinel-2 image resolution of 10m was downloaded free of charge from European Space Agency (ESA)

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Somali Gu 2016 Rainfall Performance

The Gu 2016 season started off well in advance in some parts of the country during the third dekad of March and continued to spread spatially in the first and second dekads of April. Other parts especially in Puntland and southern regions had a late start of the season which also ended early.

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Belet Weyne flood map - June 2016

The town of Belet Weyne and its environs experienced one of the biggest floods in recent history. The floods, which lasted over 10 days were caused by overbank spillage from Shabelle River following heavy rains experienced in the Ethiopian highlands over the past one month.

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