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FAO SWALIM Conducts Hydrogeological Assessment for Gedo Region

FAO SWALIM has completed a hydrogeological assessment of Gedo Region, South Somalia. The study was done through remote sensing analysis of satellite images.

SWALIM Holds Mogadishu Open Day Event

For only the second time, on 4 October, 2016, SWALIM held an Open Day event in the federal capital of Somalia. The event was well attended, with over thirty participants attending

SWALIM Update on Bayahow River Breakage Repair

SWALIM can now reliably report that the river bank breakage at Bayaxaaw has been closed, initially with sand bags and later by heavy machinery.

SWALIM Welcomes New Chief Technical Officer

The final months of SWALIM Phase V saw the termination of the project leadership of Hussein Gadain, who took up a new posting as FAO Representative in Egypt after successfully serving for three years as Chief Technical Advisor of the land and water information management project (see SWALIM  Update, Issue 11).

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Somalia Drought Watch

Drought conditions continued to worsen since November affecting more than 50% of the population. Pasture and water came to a complete depletion in most areas leaving about 440,000 in displacement as in 31 March 2017

Drought Conditions Map, Jan 2017

Most parts of Somalia are facing serious drought conditions with the larger part of the population facing severe to extreme drought conditions. Since the last half of 2016, the severity has been spreading spatially and the impacts getting worse with time. Some climate models are already predicting a poor rainy season in the coming season which may further aggravate the existing drought conditions.


Somalia Rainfall Forecast 26-04-2017

The rainfall forecast for the next 24 hours indicates light to moderate rains parts of northern areas of the country especially in Togdheer, Sanag, Sool, Bari and Nugaal regions.

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Somali Dekadal Rainfall - Dekad 11 of 2017

The Gu rains started in may parts of Somalia with below average performance in Southern regions. During the second Dekad of April 2017 (11th – 20th), there was a reduction of rainfall activities in in many places from the previous dekad.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast 20-04-2017

The rainfall forecast for the next 24 hours indicates no significant rains in the country. The cumulative rainfall forecast for the week which ends on 26 April 2017 shows moderate to heavy rains Somaliland and western parts of Puntland.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast 19-04-2017

The rainfall forecast for the next 24 hours (Map 1) indicates no rains in the country except a few pockets of Sanaag in the north and Gedo in the south that may receive light rains.

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