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FAO-SWALIM Recorgnised for Partnership with Banadir University

FAO SWALIM has been working together with academic institutions in order to foster long-term research relationships on specific projects of interest and to generate knowledge for the betterment of the lives of Somali communities.

FAO SWALIM Sponsors Ministry Staff in Meteorological instruments and methods of observation Course

Six staff from the Ministries of Agriculture in Somalia (2 from PL,  SL, and FGS) graduated today after attending a three months course in Meteorological instruments and methods of observation

Floods in Beletweyne Leave Families Devastated

Belet Weyne district in Hiraan region has is witnessing one of the worst floods in history, with the river at full bank level for the last 11 days, about 68% of the town is inundated according to analysis by FAO SWALIM

 Journal Publications

Validation of the CHIRPS satellite rainfall estimates over eastern Africa
Long and temporally consistent rainfall time series are essential in climate analyses and applications.
Uncovering the challenges of domestic energy access in the context of weather and climate extremes in Somalia
In Somalia, challenges related to energy access is influenced by both weather and climate extremes and associated conflict.
Towards a spatial Data Infrastructure for Somalia using open source standards
SDI is a well-known concept in Africa, many countries are on the way to having a formal SDI strategy Certain countries, such as Somalia, are starting the process of nation building after years of war.

 In focus

Somalia Tropical Storm PAWAN Alert

Tropical Storm PAWAN expected to lead to winds of medium strength with moderate to heavy rainfall amounts in parts of Somaliland, Puntland and Central regions of Somalia.

Flood Extent Map of Middle, Lower Shabelle and Hiraan Regions

Shabelle river at Belet Weyne has been at bank full level for over two weeks, leaving about 68% of the town inundated. At Bulo Burti, the river reached the highest level in recent history and is almost at bankful.

FAO, EU and Somaliland Government launch a new initiative to improve land and water management

24 June 2019, Hargeisa - The European Union Delegation to the Federal Republic of Somalia jointly with the Government of Somaliland and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)'s Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) project today launched in Hargeisa the Integrated Land and Water Management (ILWRM) Project. The event was graced by the EU Charge d'Affairs Dr. Hjordis D'Agostino Ogendo among other dignitaries.

 SWALIM Publications

Somalia Rainfall Outlook for Gu 2020

The Gu rains start in March/April and end at different times across Somalia, depending on the north-south movement of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) which is the leading factor for the timing of rainfall in most parts of Africa.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast: Issued 11 December 2019

The cumulative rainfall forecast for the next three and seven days indicates light to moderate rainfall in parts of southern regions and within the Ethiopian highlands. River levels along the Shabelle continued to rise and are currently very high along the entire reach.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast: Issued 09 December 2019

The coastal areas of East Arica have seen an increase in the frequency and strength of tropical storms since 2013, with one or two storms occurring each year since then. This can largely be attributed to climate change and the dynamic weather variation in the East African countries.

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Somalia Tropical Storm Alert - Issued 07 December 2019

Strong winds and heavy rains reported in coastal areas of Puntland as tropical storm PAWAN Makes Landfall The north eastern parts of Somalia experienced extreme weather in form of a tropical storm since 06 December 2019.

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