Alerts and bulletins

As a service to its users and stakeholders, SWALIM produces and distributes a number of informational bulletins and alerts providing the latest information and data on various aspects of the climate and weather situation in Somalia.  These bulletins and alerts are delivered through electronic mail upon subscription. The same information is also available through the SWALIM web site.

Some of the alert services, such as the flood alert mailings, are only activated when an emergency situation threatens. SWALIM provides early warning of the impending crisis and then on-going updates until the crisis has abated.

As of October, 2014, SWALIM is delivering the following bulletins and alerts:

Three Day Rainfall Forecast

This is a daily update that provides cumulative rainfall forecast for the next 72 hours. The bulletin provides a quick overview of the weather situation over the whole of Somalia in English and Somali. A simple map complements the bulletin with indicators of precipitation levels.


Flood Watch

This is a weekly update on rainfall and river levels within the Juba and Shabelle river basins in Somalia. The bulletin provides rainfall performance for the previous week and the forecast for the coming week. This is used to project the likely trend of river levels for next seven days. The information is useful for farmers, transport firms and other groups, as well as being a component of the flood early warning system. This bulletin is produced only during the rainy seasons, from March to June and from October to November.  It is available only in English and contains charts and graphics.


Dekadal Rainfall Update

This bulletin gives an update of rainfall activities in Somalia over the last ten days (dekad). The bulletin compares the current dekad to the long-term average to ascertain whether the rainfall performance is above or below normal.


Regional Monthly Weather Updates

Produced every month during the rainy seasons by SWALIM, in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture from both Puntland and Somaliland, this report gives a monthly update on the weather situation in each region. The report is available only in English from March to June and from October to November.


Drought Watch

Produced only during periods of drought in the country, the bulletin discusses the current situation in terms of rainfall, vegetation, and river levels. These details are analysed together with other data to give the current and potential socio-economic impact of the drought on the ground and is an essential reading for development and humanitarian agencies working in Somalia.



There are a variety of alerts which are produced as needed in response to crisis or emergency conditions. The alerts provide early warning in cases where flooding, drought or any other weather-related hazard is foreseen in the near future.


Gu/Deyr Rainfall Outlook

This is a seasonal update that is produced at the beginning of the Gu and Deyr rainy seasons (March and September). It shows the rainfall forecast for the coming season and is useful to all sectors that are rainfall dependent. Given the rainfall forecast, potential impacts are discussed in the update for different sectors such as agriculture and livestock.


Gu/Deyr Rainfall Perfomance

The update is produced at the end of the Gu and Deyr rainy seasons (in June and November). It highlights the general performance of rainfall during the previous season and the impacts on agriculture and vegetation conditions. Based on the seasonal performance users can better assess the state of production areas and plan ahead for the next cycle.