Information Management Training for Women

In partnership with East African University in Garowe and Golis University in Hargeisa, SWALIM conducted an information management training between 17 and 30 May 2015 for women. Participants in the training were drawn from staff members from any department within SWALIM's partner ministries and government agencies such as finance, administration, registry, stores, etc, who currently use or are in future expected to use computers and other computing devices. 

The objective of this training was to empower women in the workplace to acquire the skills necessary to improve their efficiency and increase their chances of career advancement, as well as enable them to manage information better. Training was conducted by lecturers from the two universities with support from SWALIM. The topics covered included:

  • Computer hardware and software
  • Features and functions of computer operating software (MS Windows)
  • Features and functions of word processing  (MS Word)
  • Features and functions of spreadsheet application (MS Excel)
  • Using Internet, Email and Social Media
  • Application scenarios and ministry case studies

The training was a success with trainees expressing their appreciation for this opportunity to further develop their capacities. In addition, the trainees enjoyed the chance to network and share their experiences with their counterparts from other ministries and noted that they are keen to receive further training in the future. 

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