Juba and Shabelle Flood Updates

Shabelle River

Since the beginning of the week, there have been floods in the north east of Belet Weyne town, in Helo-Kelyo, Shinile , Leebow, Grash, Baslawe, Dhariyo and Qooqane villages. The local community has been evacuating the vulnerable to higher grounds. Today, the river level at Belet weyne is at 7.22m which is only 8cm away from the flooding level. Field reports indicate that the riverine families in the town have started taking precautions as early as last night. Levels at Bulo Burti which is downstream of Belet Weyne have also risen sharply and it will be a matter of one day before the flood wave reaches Jowhar town. There remains a high risk of flooding in the lower reaches (Middle and lower Shabelle). There is a river breakage in the south of Jowhar at Timire and the community has been unable to close it.

Juba River

There have been heavy rains in Dollow and the surrounding and this has led to high river levels. The river has broken its banks in Dollow on both the Ethiopian and Somali side. The breakage has slowed the flood wave further downstream in the last 24 hrs and observed river levels today at Luuq and Bardera have dropped slightly. However, in the middle and lower reaches the levels are high and there are cases of flooding in Jilib  district – Madara, Madhooka, Madabo and Limore villages. Reports indicate that nothing is being done here by anyone and the situation could get worse.

Rainfall Forecast

The rains are expected to continue within the Ethiopian highlands and the upper parts of Juba and Shabelle inside Somalia. The increasing trend of river levels along the two rivers is expected to continue given the forecast and the current situation and the risk of flooding remains High.