L-16 Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Modelling and Monitoring of the Areas Between Rivers Juba and Shabelle in Southern Somalia

Technical report
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Soil erosion is a complex dynamic process by which the productive soil surface is detached, transported, and accumulated at a distant place. It produces exposed subsurface where the soil has been detached and the detached deposited in low-lying areas of the landscape or in water bodies downstream in a process known as sedimentation. The present study by FAO-SWALIM was initiated with the general objective of preparing an assessment of soil erosion and sedimentation of the riverine areas between rivers Juba and Shabelle and to provide input into soil erosion and sedimentation monitoring framework which will contribute to improved management of the irrigation systems in south Somalia. The study identified areas prone to high soil erosion rates and sediment flux into river Juba and Shabelle in south Somalia.
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June, 2009
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