Somalia Flood Advisory for Juba and Shabelle Rivers - Issued 20 October 2023

Flood Alert
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Moderate Risk of Flooding Along Juba River Particularly at Luuq and Bardheere Heavy rains received over Luuq (80.5 mm), and moderate rains (26.2 mm) observed over Dollow on 20th October 2023, coupled with moderate rains across the Ethiopian border have resulted to a sharp rise in river level at Luuq from 3.84 m on 18th to 5.6 m and at Dollow from 4.26 m on 19th to 4.78 m today. Added to previous light rains (14.1 mm) observed on 19th October at Luuq, moderate flood risk levels have been surpassed by 0.22 m and 0.1 m at Dollow and and Luuq, respectively. These localized rains also led to flashfloods affecting IDP camp at Luuq. Moderate rains received over Beletweyne (38.5 mm) on 20th October 2023, and possibly more intense rains over the surrounding areas, coupled with moderate rains across the Ethiopian border have led to a noticeable rise in river level at Beletweyne from 4.95 m on 19th to 5.15 m today (20th October 2023). The rainfall forecast for the next three days indicates moderate to heavy rain (50 – 150 mm) within the Somali-Ethiopia border particularly over upper parts of Gedo region, central parts of Bakool region and many parts of Hiraan region. Although only light rains (4 mm) have been observed at Bardheere today (20th October), the forecast moderate rains in the 24 hours and coming days over upper parts of Gedo region, is likely to lead to further rise in the river levels with moderate risk of flooding along the entire Juba River stretch with the flood wave expected at Bardhere within 2 days. This is therefore an alert to trigger both riverine and flash floods anticipatory actions and to caution communities living along the Juba riverine areas particularly Luuq and Bardheere districts to be vigilant and heed to anticipatory measures as the river levels keep rising. Although the risk of flooding along Shabelle River remains low today, the forecast moderate to heavy rains over Hiraan will lead to increase in river levels. If the heavy rains over Hiraan materialize, it may result in incidences of flash floods today and whose resultant run off and flood wave is expected to flow downstream towards Bulo Burte Burte and Jalalaqsi in the coming days. Additionally, the large volumes of water that was sighted at Limey district in Ethiopia which forms part of the upper catchment of Shabelle river, is likely to lead to a rise in water level at Beletweyne in two to three weeks.
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October, 2023