Somalia Rainfall Forecast – Issued 18 October 2023

Rainfall Forecast
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Moderate to heavy rains expected over central and southwestern areas of the country during the coming week. The rains over Gedo and Bakool are likely to be observed in the first part of the forecasting period. The spatiotemporal distribution of the forecast rains is as below. Heavy rainfall of above 100 mm is expected over Bakool, central parts of Gedo, southern parts of Hiraan and isolated areas in northern Galgaduud, localized areas in Galkayo in Mudug and southern parts of Sool. The rainfall over Ceel waaq in Gedo, Tayeeglow in Bakool, western parts of Bulo Burti in Hiraan and western parts of Ceel dheer in Galgaduud is likely to exceed 150 mm. Moderate rainfall of between 50 and 100 mm is expected in Ceel Waaq and Garbahaarey districts in Gedo region, Baydhaba ditricts in Bay, Xudun, Ceel Barde, Tayeeglow districts in Bakool region, western parts of Bulo Burti district, northern parts of BeletWeyne district and western parts Jalalaqsi district in Hiraan. In the central parts of the country, rains of similar amounts are expected over Dhuusamareeb district and southern parts of Cadaado districts in Galgaduud region, Galkayo district, western part of Jariiban district and several isolated areas in Mudug region. Towards the north, comparatively moderate rainfall is also expected over Burtinle district in Nuugal region, southern parts of Qardho district in Bari region, central parts of Taleex districts in Sool region, southern parts of Las Anod, Buuhoodle district in Togheer, Ceel Afweyn town and it’s border areas with Erigavo in Sanaag region. Light rainfall of below 50 mm is anticipated over the rest of the country with the exception of noncoastal areas of Awdal region, Hargeisa and Gebiley districts in Woqooyi Galbeed region, western parts of Bari region particularly over Bosasso district.
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October, 2023