SWALIM Launches New Website

SWALIM is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. The new site is expected to provide our information users with an easier way to learn about who and what SWALIM is, what we do and how to access the extensive collection of data, documents, maps and other information that SWALIM has consolidated and produced on Somalia’s water and land resources over the past 10 years.

The web site has been redesigned to improve user friendliness and appeal, as well as performance and accessibility. In addition to the new design and layout of the pages, new functionalities have been implemented in this version of our site.

Design and Navigation
The design of the web pages and the structure of information have been changed to improve navigation and usability. The new layout and colour scheme now reflect the SWALIM image and activities: water and land = blue + green!

Focus Areas
We have clearly segmented the areas in which we work (themes) on the main menu, with sub-menus under each section and a quick reference menu to the left of your screen, so it is now possible to find what you are looking for via two 'doors' . Try it!
Improved Theme Pages
The presentation of the themes has been improved with more information and an optimized navigation structure. Access to documents and maps linked to your topic of interest is also now much easier and will be automatically updated when new content is generated.

Contact Us
It is now possible to select various reasons for which you may want to get in touch with us through a drop-down menu in the contact page. There is a subscription form for alerts and bulletins and a request-for-training form, in addition to the general contact form.
SWALIM’s documents and digital assets have been integrated into the site in a searchable library using the Agri-Drupal content indexing system. This replaces the WEB Agris system previously used to store and catalogue SWALIM’s documents.
SWALIM Data and Information Systems
The latest climate data, Flood Risk and Response Information Management System (FRRIMS), SWALIM Data and Document Repository (SDDR), Geonetwork and the new Water Resources Live Map application are all readily available and easily accessible  from the home page.
News & Events
We will be adding events and news stories on a regular basis that will present information on current “hot topics” related to Somalia’s water and land resources.

We hope you find the new website fresh, easy to use and informative.

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