SWALIM Is Rebranding!

As part of the strategy to re-brand SWALIM and make its products more visible, a new project logo has been developed.  With the re-branding, we hope to increase the number of stakeholders who know what SWALIM does and can recognise SWALIM as a key player in water and land information management in Somalia.  The logo is one means to communicate what activities SWALIM is involved in to our stakeholders. The new logo was selected from among 14 candidates developed by a local graphics outfit and a design team working with the natural resources group in Rome.

SWALIM’s new logo seeks to take the SWALIM brand into a new era of increased information and knowledge sharing. The logo maintains the 3 focus areas of SWALIM: Water, Land & Information – but with a stylish and timeless shape and a fresh and lighter feel. The typography was also given a futuristic touch. The minimal design reduces the graphical elements, using custom typography to mirror the main elements of the previous logo, but making it simpler. The central ‘A’ forms the focal point of the mountain (representing land) while the colors blue and green (representing land and water) are used to draw the line graph that represents information.

The re-branding process will be carried out over several months given the spread of SWALIM information globally.  The use of the new logo come into effect as of 1 January 2015, after which the new design will start to appear on SWALIM’s information, education and communication (IEC) materials, posters, display graphics and all other products and services.

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