W-05 Status of Medium to Large Irrigation Schemes in Southern Somalia

Technical report
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Although irrigated agriculture was the life-line of the Somali economy before the start of civil strife in 1990, much of the information on the pre-war irrigation systems is lost and little is known about their present status. This report documents the findings of an assessment carried out by SWALIM to determine the status of medium to large irrigation schemes in Southern Somalia and their irrigation infrastructure. Comprehensive literature review, key contact interviews and extensive remotely sensed data analyses were carried out to arrive at the assessment results. Baseline information on the water barrages, canal systems and the irrigation schemes was generated and a GIS irrigation infrastructure database was constructed. About 5,000 km of canals were identifi ed and compared with satellite images. The boundaries and the status of 34 medium to large irrigation schemes were identifi ed. The data is well structured and accessible through desktop GIS software or through the web based Geonetwork software. The results obtained, together with the recommendations, are expected to form the basis for the infrastructure rehabilitation efforts by the donor community.
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October, 2007
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