W-12 Water Sources Inventory for Northern Somalia

Technical report
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The number of water sources information collected in SWIMS through partners implementing water projects in the field during SWALIM II was limited. Only 750 water sources data was received for a period of more than a year, and in many cases the data covered only a small section of the essential information. As a result it become necessary for SWALIM to move to the field and do an inventory of all water sources points in Somalia. A country wide survey was launched, in collaboration with UNICEF, for the strategic water points: boreholes, springs, dams and shallow wells which last long into the dry season. There are many point water sources in Somalia, which would take many months to survey. Majority of these sources are however seasonal, lasting only a few weeks after the rains. They include berkads and some shallow wells, and are used only during the rainy season. When they dry out the local communities look for alternative sources of water. The limited resources available for the survey could not cover all the water sources in the country. Only the strategic water points were surveyed, as they are the source of water for the local communities when the seasonal sources dry out. The survey started in the Northern part of the country: Somaliland and Puntland, with plans of extending to the South/Central Somalia when security situation allows.
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January, 2009
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